Ahar Village; Dreamy Alleys in Nature

Ahar Village; Dreamy Alleys in Nature


Ahar Village; Dreamy Alleys in Nature

Ahar Village is located near Shemirant county. Weather of the village is cool in most of the seasons. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Ahar.


Ahar is located in Rudbar-e Qasran rural district near Shemirant county in Tehran province. Most of the people in Ahar do gardening. Walking through alleys and hearing the sound of rivers are so peaceful.

Ahar in all seasons is beautiful. If you have decided to travel to Ahar, it is better to have mountaineering shoes and backpack with foods. There is a waterfall near village with name of Shekarab located near green valley.


Ahar is consists of two parts. Ah and Har

Ah: Water

Har: Watermill

Generally, Ahar is a place with a lot of water in where you can build watermills.

Best season for Going to Ahar

It depends on you to choose when you want to travel to Ahar. All seasons have their own beauties and are suitable for travelling and staying.

How to Get There?

For getting to Ahar, you should follow the road of Lashgarak. After passing Hajiabad and Oshan villages, you will reach Ahar.

Address: Iran, Tehran province, Shemiranat county, Ahar village

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