Khalkhal-Asalem Road; Visit Paradise

Khalkhal-Asalem Road; Visit Paradise


Khalkhal-Asalem Road; Visit Paradise

The dreamiest road of Iran. This is a short definition for Khalkhal-Asalem road. This road starts from Asalem city, in Gilan province, and ends in Khalkhal in Ardabil province.

Because of its location, it is almost always raining. You also will see fog in the road. The road is covered by colorful trees and it is the reason that we can say here is the dreamiest road of Iran.

Nature of the road makes you stop and enjoying around. Weather of the road is unpredictable. In some parts it is sunny but some other parts you may get surprised by rain. Sound of the river also gives you a perfect peace. The face of the nature changes by passing the road.

Existence of horses and sheep will be the dreamiest sense you have ever had.

Some plains are hosts of different flowers during the years. You will see different signs leading you to different villages around the road. You can follow secondary ways and see different parts of the road like waterfalls, rivers and etc.

You can also see wild life in secondary way and see animals like bears, deer and jaguars.

There are different parts near the road good for mountaineering. You can walk through jungles or ride a bicycle. If you want to take photos, never miss opportunities.

There are different restaurants in the road that you can order foods and rest for minutes. If you want to stay at night here, you can rent houses and suites in villages near here. If you like to stay between nature, you should have travel-related things like a tent. Best seasons for traveling are spring and summer. As we explained, most of the times the road is rainy but in winters, it gets blocked because of snowy weather. If you want to travel in winter, do not forget to have snow chains.

How to Get There?

It depends on you to starting from Khalkhal or Asalem city. If you are in Asalem, follow the road to Khalkhal and if you are in Khalkhal, follow the road to Asalem.

Address: Iran, Khalkhal to Asalem road

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