Gavmishan Bridge; Built During Sassanid Era

Gavmishan Bridge; Built During Sassanid Era


Gavmishan Bridge; Built During Sassanid Era

Gavmishan is a bridge located between borders of Ilam and Lorestan province. The bridge reflects the art of Sassanid Kings. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Gavmishan Bridge.


If you were a historian, you may have heard a lot about the art of Sassanid Empire. Before visiting, you expect a bridge designed with creative art. This bridge has been firm for nearly 1400 years.

Length and height of the bridge are 178 and 24 meters. It has 6 arch for crossing water. The bridge is placed on Karkheh river. Some parts of the bridge were destroyed. Historians believe that for preventing Arabs` armies from progressing, Sassanid soldiers destroyed some parts of it.

There are some stairs as an indication that the bridge was also used as a turret. Gavmishan was repaired in Qajar era by warden of Poshtkuh. Main materials that used for building this bridge are stone and brick.


Gavmish is a Persian word meaning buffalo. Some historians believe that this region was a place for keeping buffalos. The root of Gavmishan in line with Gammas word.

Ga: Cow

Mas: Fish

Some historians claim that this name is because of existence of fish and cow in this region.

How to Get There?

The bridge is located in Darreh Shahr city in Ilam province. Moving from Ilam to Darreh Shahr, you can find the bridge near Kal Sefid.

Address: Iran, Ilam province, Darreh Shahr city, Kal Sefid region, Gavmishan Bridge

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