Rasht Square of Municipality; Heart of The City

Rasht Square of Municipality; Heart of The City


Rasht Square of Municipality; Heart of The City

One of the main squares of Iran is Rasht square of Municipality. Existence of markets and stores in this square has made here one of the destinations of Rashti people for walking and disporting. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Rasht Square of Municipality.


This historical square dates back to Pahlavi dynasty and is one of the modern places of Iran from the past up to now. In this square, the first municipality of Iran is located. This place was under control of Russians in the past and pattern of construction of it is from that country. Today, some historical parts like Telegraph Museum, Old hotel, Clock Tower and other buildings can be seen here.

When you want to get there, you must park your car or other vehicles at least 100 meters far from the square and continue the way by walking. There is a paved way to the square known as Alamolhada sidewalk. You can buy things from markets around the square. If you like movies, you can also buy a ticket of cinema. People take photo a lot here. There is a park with name of Sabzeh Meidan which is an ideal place for sitting, walking, being with family and playing.

There is a way from municipality to ancient bazaar for buying fruits, perfume and etc.

Other Attractions

  1. Municipality Palace

The most popular part of square is Municipality Palace. This palace was built from year of 1907 to 1926 by Artem Sardaraf.

  1. Clock Tower

Municipality palace has a clock tower which rings every 30 minutes. It also rings according to hours. For example, if the time is 03:00, it rings three times.

  1. National Library

National Library of Rasht is situated near sidewalk of Alamolhoda which has different view with markets. This library was built by Muhammad Ali Tarbiat in 1934. The library is open from 08:00 A.m. until 06:00 p.m. In Fridays and holidays, it is closed.

  1. Ancient Hotel

There is an ancient hotel which was public in the past, but today is vacant.

  1. Telegraph Museum

It was a telegraph office in the past, but today it is used as post and telegraph museum.

  1. Sepidrud Cinema

In the beginning of Alamolhoda sidewalk, there is a cinema which was used as a conference hall.

  1. Sculptures around Square

You can see sculptures around and in the middle of square. They are symbol of Rasht city. The most popular sculpture belongs to Mirza Kuchak Khan.

History of Rasht Square of Municipality

At first, there was just one thing in this region: Monument of Abo Jafar.

King Reza Pahlavi started to develop urbanization in Rasht. Construction of the square was one of his works.

How to Get There?

There are different ways like Shariati, Alamolhoda, Emam street and Sabzeh Meidan square to get to Rasht Square of Municipality. You can get there by any vehicle, but pay attention you should walk at least 100 meters to reach the square.

Address: Iran, Gilan Province, Rasht City, Square of Municipality

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