Lut Desert; The Hottest Region in The World

Lut Desert; The Hottest Region in The World


Lut Desert; The Hottest Region in The World

A big desert in Kerman province with area of 175 thousand kilometers is the hottest region in the world. Nobody can live in this region. Lut is the 7th biggest desert in was the world. In the year of 2005, temperature of the Lut was recorded as 70°c.

The temperature of region changes during all years. For example, in 2003, Queensland of Australia with temperature of 69.3°c was the hottest region, but since Lut was the hottest place of the world from 2003 until 2009, global researchers chose here as the hottest part of the world.

This hot desert has different attractions Like Kaluts of Shahdad as we explained in previous posts.

There are also some volcanic cones. Also, if you want to look at stars, you can not find any place as suitable as this desert.  It worth to mention that temperature sometimes reaches zero.

Photo by Emad Nematollahi

Description of Lut Desert

Lut means a region without plant and water. Most of the Lut desert is covered with salt, clay and sands. You can find some plants in Lut like small tamarisk trees. In Lut, there are also some animals and insects living like; butterflies, scorpions, snakes, kind of tarantulas, sand fox, wild cat and etc.

Lut Desert in UNESCO

Lut desert is the first natural sources of Iran that has been recorded in UNESCO in the year of 2016. There are firm reasons that you can say Lut deserves for being recorded, like;

  1. The tallest Kaluts in the world
  2. Hottest region in the world with 70/7°c
  3. Tallest sand hills in the world
  4. Existence of some rare living things

Traveling to Lut Desert

If you want to travel to Lut, do not go alone and without license. If you travel without license, you will be arrested. Also, since you don’t know the region, you will get lost and probably die. Another thing we which you should be aware is that, before putting your shoes on, check them because they are good places for scorpions, tarantulas and snakes.

Traveling to Lut needs a professional leader. Do not forget sunscreen, tent, food, rope, suitable shoes, suitable sunglasses, map, backpack and other things needed for staying in deserts.

How to Get there?

Lut dessert is located in Kerman province, near borders of Sistan & Baluchestan and South Khorasan. You can travel with plane, train, car, and bus to Kerman and find Lut Desert with the help of a professional tour leader

Address: Iran, Kerman Province, Near Borders of Sistan & Balouchestan and South Khorasan provinces, Lut Desert

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