Khayyam’s Tomb; The Most Popular Attraction in Nishapur

Khayyam's Monument; The Most Popular Attraction in Nishapur


Khayyam’s Monument; The Most Popular Attraction in Nishapur

Khayyam’s tomb is a mixture of poetry, literature, math and geometry. Be with myDorna

Introduction of Khayyam’s Tomb

Khayyam was born in 5th century. He became popular after curing son of Malekshah. Although Khayyam in his period was best in scientific fields, most of the people in the world know him because of his quatrains. Tomb of Khayyam is located in southeastern part of Nishapur city in Razavi Khorasan province.

When he went to glory, he was buried in a place without any special monument. His tomb was like a destroyed place until 1135 that some officials tried to rebuild Ferdowsi and Khayyam’s Tomb. Hushang Seihun, the architect, transferred Khayyam’s monument to the other side that was close to Imamzadeh Mahruq. Construction of the tomb started in 1959 and finished in 1962.

The tomb has been built as an opened dome. Materials of the tomb are stone, concrete and iron.

Dome of monument has been painted with white and light blue color.  Bases of dome are like a lozenge shape. There are some poems written on inner parts of lozenges.

Around the dome is surrounded with small pools that are tiled. Shape of these pools are like tents and they are symbols of his father’s job, his father was tent maker. All of geometric shapes of Khayyam’s dome are symbols of his knowledge.

Quatrains on tomb were chosen by Jalal Homaiy and then, they were written by Morteza Abd-Al-rasuli.

Khayyam museum is also located near the monument that was built in 1998. Sculpture of Khayyam is in this museum and the most important part of museum is related to astronomy. There are also some parts for some antiques like old metal and clay-made dishes.

How to Get There?

You can get there by any vehicle. If you want to get there by bus, you should get on bus line 10. If you want to get there by taxi, you can just tell the driver to take you to Khayyam`s monument, but by car, you should go to Jomhuri boulevard. At the end of boulevard, there is an underpass. After passing 100 meters, there is a square with 3 ways. Follow the way to the right side and when you passed planetarium, turn left.

Address: Iran, Razavi Khorasan province, Nishapur city, Khayyam’s Tomb

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