Aladaglar Mountains; Rainbow of East Azerbaijan

Aladaglar Mountains; Rainbow of East Azerbaijan


Aladaglar Mountains; Rainbow of East Azerbaijan

Human-made things which are colorful are attractive, but what about natural objects? In fact, there are some beautiful phenomena around us which are beautiful just for themselves like rainbow. Aladaglar mountains in East Azerbaijan province of Iran is one of the masterpieces of nature. Art of nature for painting the mountains is admirable.

Masterpiece of Nature

Aladaglar mountains are located in Mianeh road near East Azerbaijan province. When you are passing the road, the nature surprises you with its masterpiece.

Yes, mountains with different colors. These mountains can be found in Zanjan and also can be seen in Mianeh city. Age of Aladaglar mountains date back to 15 million years ago.

Attractions of Aladaglar Mountains

  1. Walking Around Aladaglar Mountains

If you could walk in these mountains and enjoy the intact nature, you can consider yourself as a fortunate person.

  1. Photography in Aladaglar Mountains

You can take special photos of incredible nature in these mountains.

  1. Small Rivers

Reason of Colorful Nature

Existence of different sediments in mountains and different erosions are main reasons of different colors. Some colors are made because of mineral things, for example, green color is for copper and red color is for rust.

You can visit Aladaglar mounts during all seasons, but in each season, you will see different nature, for example, in summer because of sun radiation, you will see reflection of different colors that change in different parts, but in fall and winter because of rain and snowfall, you will see a normal and white view. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any map for Aladaglar Mountains, but we try to give you the exact address. Asking from native people and tour leaders can help you a lot.

How to Get There?

Enter Mianeh road to Zanjan city. You will find mountains in half of your destination.

Address: Iran, East Azerbaijan Province, 25 kilometers Northeastern part of Tabriz City

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