Shapouri House; An Emirate with Iranian-European Garden

Shapouri House; An Emirate with Iranian-European Garden


Shapouri House; An Emirate with Iranian-European Garden

Shapouri house is an emirate placed in Shiraz city dating back to King Reza Pahlavi period. If you want to travel to Shiraz city, never forget to visit this place.

Shapouri house or emirate has been recorded in the year of 2000 as a historical place and national works.
This house was built during the years of 1931 until 1936 by Abolghasem Mohandesi. Abdolsaheb Shapouri is the owner of the house. During the years of 1990 until 2000, Shapouri’s family was living here but after years, the house became vacant. Cultural heritage of Fars province bought the house in 2010.

The house has 2 floors. Building balcony in a house was uncommon, but architect of the house built a balcony here. Architecture of this place was special in its period, for example, using stairway for house in an era during when there was not any stairway in the other houses.

There are beautiful round columns in outside of the house that make an image of being in a European house.

There is a big pool with fountain in the middle of the yard which gives an awesome view to the garden with different plants.

How to Get There?

You can reach the emirate by any vehicle. Find Anvari street in Shiraz city. Across from Anvari street, you can find Shapouri house.

Address: Iran, Fars Province, Shiraz City, Shapouri House

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