Malabij; Ethnic Food of Mazandaran

Malabij; Ethnic Food of Mazandaran


Malabij; Ethnic Food of Mazandaran

Malabij or Malata is an ethnic food of Mazandaran province. If you like seafood, it is the right choice of you.


A white fish
Walnut is (200gr)
Salt, oil, powder of pepper, mint and golpar (in sufficient amount)
Pomegranate sauce (2 tablespoons)

Guidance: Golpar is an aromatic plant. You can get information by searching in net.

How to Cook?

Grind walnut and mint in a food mixer.
Then mix them with pomegranate sauce, golpar, powder of pepper and salt. Remove skin of fish with knife. Cut fins with scissors. Remove stomach of fish. When you cleaned fish, wash it and put it in a basket until the water of that completely pours. Fill stomach of fish with mixed materials (golpar, mint, salt and etc.) and stitch with string and needle. Put fish in a pan and put it on stove with medium temperature(cooking with oil).

Guidance: if you want to cook in oven, make it oily and decant flour in sufficient amount on it. Wait for 90 minutes for the food to be cooked. You should add pomegranate sauce, a tablespoon of liquid butter and a tablespoon of saffron during this 90 minutes.

Guidances: You need 20 minutes for preparing and 90 minutes for cooking this food.

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