Sarvelat; A Village Between Heaven

Sarvelat; A Village Between Heaven


Sarvelat; A Village Between Heaven

Sarvelat is a place in where you can have valuable experience and feel as if you are in heaven. Be with myDorna to have a look at Sarvelat village.

Why Sarvelat Village?

Great nature, green forests, good people and amazing gardens near Caspian sea, all attract everyone to Sarvelat. Khavar Khanom restaurant is popular near the village and you can order various foods.

Introduction of Sarvelat

Dreamy village near a valley between two rivers and surrounded by mountains. Sarvelat is a part of Chaboksar city and Rudsar county. Age of residency in this village date back to 400 years ago.

Attractions of Sarvelat

1. Awesome nature

No difference if you were in houses of the village, on the way, in alleys or etc.
The best point that gives you peace is that there is an awesome nature of Sarvelat.

2. Enjoying By Walking Near Rivers

There are two rivers with names of Achirud and Kur’eh. Walking around the rivers and hearing the sounds of nature is like being near heaven.

3. Photography

You can not travel to this place without camera. If you have a chance, you also can take beautiful pictures in fog. You can also take photos with ethnic clothes.

Khavar Khanom Restaurant

Khavar Khanom is probably the most popular restaurant in Gilan province. Name of the restaurant is derived from a madam with name of Khavar Khanom.

You can order ethnic foods of Gilan province in there. For getting there, you should go to one of the highest parts of the village. A building with three floors can be found on the corner of valley. This restaurant is just working from noon until evening. The most busy times are 05:00 and 06:00 p.m.


It is not hard to rent house in Sarvelat. There are a lot of houses and villas there. You can also buy souvenir from markets in village.

How to Get There?

You can get there in 2 ways.

1. If you are moving from Ramsar to Chaboksar city, you need to find the last square in Chaboksar or Sarvelat square. Follow the way to the mountain.

2. If you want to get there from Rudsar county, you need to follow the beach road to Kelachay and then to Sarvelat square. Follow the way to mountain.

Address: Iran, Gilan Province, Rudsar County,  Chaboksar city, Sarvelat Village.

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