Chalus Road; The Most Beautiful Road in Iran

Chalus Road; The Most Beautiful Road in Iran


Chalus Road; The Most Beautiful Road in Iran

Village, river, forest, lake, cave and etc. All of them are available in the most beautiful road of Iran. Chalus road is a zigzag way connecting Tehran to northern cities of Iran, but when you are passing this road, you will have a very good feeling that you don’t want to reach your destination.

You need to pass 160 kilometers to reach Chalus from Tehran. This road starts from Karaj city and ends to Chalus. A lot of secondary ways make their way to Chalus road. You should be careful when you are driving in this road because zigzag ways are too dangerous and also in some parts, there is a possibility of landslide.

Attractions of Chalus Road

Amirkabir dam is the first attraction of this road and if you have fishing or sailing tools, you can enjoy fishing and sailing near the dam on lake.

Sepahsalar Village can be your second choice. In this village, one of Imam Ali’s son with name of Ibrahim has been buried.

Nowjan Waterfall in Nowjan village is the other tourist attraction which myDorna recommends it to you.

Khowr Village and its waterfall are good choices, too.

Shahrestanak is the 4th choice. Shahrestanak is a green village with tall trees. It was the most favorable place of Naser Ad-Din Qajar.

Yakh Morad cave is for passengers and tourists who love adventuresome trips. This cave has a very beautiful shape which will tempt you. The best season for visiting this cave is spring.

Meidanak village can be the choice of historians. The most Popular place of this village is its historical tower that dates back nearly to 700 years ago.

Sportsmen would definitely choose Dizin. This place has a ski resort and mountains for mountaineering. There is also volleyball, tennis and horseracing field in Dizin.

If you like animals, you should visit Harijan. To watch animals living in this protected zone, having a license from Environmental Protection Agency is necessary. The animals living in this zone are jaguars and partridge. For enjoying nature, Harijan also has an impressive waterfall.

Kelardasht, a familiar region which nearly all Iranian are familiar with. It consists of villages and green nature.

Valasht lake is one of the tourist attractions of Kelardasht which will make an unforgettable time of sailing and fishing for you.

Kandolus is also another village for historians. Mina castle is a historic building of this village.

Chaikhoran palace is a must-to-visit place in Chalus built by King Reza Pahlavi. In the past, here was used as restroom.

Address: Iran, road of Karaj to Chalus, Chalus Road

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