Kohan Hotel of Yazd; Traditional and Two-star Hotel

Kohan Hotel of Yazd; Traditional and Two-star Hotel


Kohan Hotel of Yazd; Traditional and Two-star Hotel

There is a traditional and elegant hotel in Yazd with the name of Kohan Hotel. Kohan is a Persian word meaning old. This two-star hotel is comfortable for tourists who would like to meet historical parts of Iran. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Kohan hotel of Yazd.

History of Kohan Hotel of Yazd

This hotel was a private house before. The name of the late owner of this hotel is Mr. Taslim who lived here for 20 years. After passage of time, Mr. Taslim`s family converted this place into hotel in the year of 2004. Kohan hotel of Yazd is a great host for guests from all around the world.

Introduction and Location of Kohan Hotel of Yazd

This hotel is placed in the center of historical part of Yazd. Designing and architecture of this place increase excitement for staying in it. There are also different historical places near Kohan hotel of Yazd like Alexander’s Prison, Jameh Mosque of Yazd, Yazd Market, Coin Museum and etc.

This place is a two-star hotel which has adequate facilities and classical architecture.

Facilities of Kohan Hotel of Yazd

Facilities of this hotel are cafe, parking, restaurant, free network, 16 rooms and 45 beds. All of the rooms have baths, television, toilet and refrigerator.

How to Get There?

This place is near to Alexander’s prison in Fahadan region. You should get to Imam street and when you reach Fahadan region, you can find this hotel across from Heidarzadeh’s Museum of Coin and Anthropology.

Address: Iran, Yazd Province, Imam Street, Fahadan Region, Kohan hotel of Yazd

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