Sabzi Polo


Sabzi Polo

Sabzi Polo is an Iranian dish made of rice and chopped herbs, usually served with fish. In Persian, sabz means green, and sabzi can refer to herbs or vegetables. Polo is a style of cooked rice, known in English as pilaf.


Rice (2 cups)

Comminute vegetables (coriander, parsley, leek, leaf of garlic, fenugreek, basil, mint, and dill in amount of 2 teaspoons)

Saffron (in amount of needed)

liquid oil (1 teaspoon)

Hen or fish

An onion

A garlic

Pepper, salt, turmeric, and cinnamon ( in adequate amounts)

How to Cook?

Put vegetables in frying pan on the stove with medium temperature and riling with a little amount of turmeric and oil for 2 minutes.

You should put the rice in water for 3 or 4 hours with salt. Throw away the salty water. put the salty rice in the pot with boiling water. After the time that rice boiled, pour them in the basket and wash with water.

After that, mix rice and vegetables (it’s optional for you to add powder of saffron to have a good color) in a pot and put it on the stove for 45 minutes.

Second Step (Optional)

In this step, you can cook hen or fish for your food

Attention: bake fish or hen in separate pot (don’t mix it with rice and vegetables)

How to Cook Hen?

Put the hen with onion, garlic, and pour a glass of water, Pepper, salt, turmeric, and cinnamon on them and put the pot on the stove with medium temperature for 30 minutes.

Ingredients. For Cooking fish

A fish (you can use every eatable fish, best fish for this food is salmon)

An onion

Lemon juice (half of a cup)

Salt, pepper, powder of garlic and saffron (in adequate amounts)

How to Prepare?

Omit the skin and bones of fish.

  1. Grate the onion.
  2. Add pepper, salt, powder of garlic, juice of lemon, and powder of saffron to the onion and mix it with fish in a big dish.
  3. After an hour, bring out the fish (just fish).
  4. Put the fish in frying pan and pour soft oil in adequate amount on the stove with medium temperature for an hour.

Attention: be careful so that the fish doesn’t burn.

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