Samen an underground city


Samen an underground city

Samen is a city located underground of Malayer town in Hamedan province in Iran. Local people call this area as “secret city”.

This hidden place is 6 meters under Malayer.

شهر زیر زمینی سامن

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In 2005, when telecommunication company was digging, Samen was found.

It`s interesting to know that the city Samen is a hand-dug historical town.

According to archeological excavations, this city was an attraction in the ancient time specially by Parthian empire.

شهر زیر زمینی سامن

Archeologists believe that Parthian people dug this place to perform a mystery special religious ceremony.

We can assume that in Parthian empire era, here was used as a graveyard. Samen, is 3 to 6 meters underground and some canals were dug gradually in different historical eras.

As some archeologists say, in Islamic era, people used this town as shelter.

These canals were used for special purposes and if we want to look at them from an architecture`s view, we have to confess that the whole style of the building is wonderful.

شهر زیر زمینی سامن

Heights of the rooms of this town are about 180 to 200 centimeters and there were some niches which were used to put candles and lighting devices on them.

In the first excavation, a great number of skeletons and pots were found.

شهر زیر زمینی سامن

In a considerable amount of time, archaeologists found 50 rooms and containing 16 men, 24 women and 8 children. Also, there are some unidentified human skeletons.

Next to the walls, there are some closets used to put dishes, appliances and other things.

شهر زیر زمینی سامن

This hidden city is expanded throughout Samen area that some reports claim that it is much larger.

Experts of archeology theorize that Samen is 30000 meters measured and half of that has been excavated and the other 50 percent hasn`t been done due to the humidity.

شهر زیر زمینی سامن

Generally, Samen is a great place for archaeological excavations to decode mysteries of the history.

Samen; a city underground

Mydorna strongly suggests that every passenger should visit Samen underground city at least once.


Address: Next to Samen telecommunication company, Shahid Beheshti street, Samen, Malayer, Hamedan


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