Yaqub Leyth Saffari’s Tomb; Protector of Persian Language

Yaqub Leyth Saffari's Tomb; Protector of Persian Language


Yaqub Leyth Saffari’s Tomb; Protector of Persian Language

History of Iran is full of different heroes sacrificed for different goals. One of these heroes is Yaqub Leyth Saffari or Radman Pur Mahak, protector of Persian language. In this post we want to explain about Yagub leyth Saffari and his monument which is located in Dezful city. Be with myDorna.


About Yaqub Leyth

Yaqub Leyth was the founder of Saffarid dynasty in Sistan. He was born in the year of 840 A.C in Karmin, located in Zaranj, in a poor family. After the period of Islam in Iran, when the Arabic language was spoken, he started to fight against Abbasid Caliphs and freed vast parts of Iran from control of Arab rulers.

When he found Saffarid dynasty, he forbade to Iranian to speak in Arabic and started to enrich Persian language. In the history of Iran, he is known as the protector of Persian language. Dynasties after him, continued his way and tried to enrich Persian. He got injured in the battle against Abbasid Caliphs and after a short time died.

Tomb of Yaqub Leyth

 Tomb of Yaqub Leyth is located in 10 kilometers near Dezful road to Shushtar in northeastern part of Shah Abad Village. Dome of the tomb is conic. Materials used for construction are clay, plaster and soil.

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Internal part is separate from external part of the monument. If you look at the building, you will feel as if here is the burial place of a known person.

Tomb of Yaqub Leyth was constructed in Seljuq era. Based on people`s sayings, there was an inscription with Arabic language on the wall of the monument showing that here is the tomb of Yaqub Leyth Saffari. Sculpture of Yaqub Leyth is placed on the way of Dezful to Andimeshk.

How to Get There?

Follow the way of Dezful to Shushtar road. There is a secondary way to Eslamabad. Follow the way to Eslamabad to find Monument of Yaqub Leyth.

Address: Iran, Khuzestan Province, Tomb of Yaqub Leyth Saffari

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