Pukura; Cutlet of Khuzestan

Pukura; Cutlet of Khuzestan


Pukura; Cutlet of Khuzestan

Pukura is an ethnic food of Khuzestan Province which is a kind of cutlet. It is cooked fast and easy.


Chickpea (200 grams)

Chopped leek (1/2 cup)

Warm water (1/2 cup)

Two eggs

Boiled saffron (a soup spoon)

Pepper powder (1/2 teaspoon)



How to Cook?

First, mix chickpea flour with water in a bowl and stir them by a fork. Add leek and saffron and then add salt with pepper powder to the bowl and mix them completely. Pour oil in a pan. Pick a little bit of ingredients with a spoon, put it in a pan and do this until all ingredients are finished. When one side of cutlets cooked, reverse them for another side to have it cooked.

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