Dates of Khuzestan

Date of Khuzestan


Date of Khuzestan

Khuzestan is a province located at south western part of Iran and mostly known because of its palm trees. We can also say that the best dates of Iran are from Khuzestan province. Dates of Khuzestan are also exported to other countries. To continue, we intend to familiarize you with different types of dates in Khuzestan.

Stameran: The most popular and common date of Khuzestan that nearly 70 percent of palm trees produce it is called Stameran. Stameran is kind of unripe date which is yellow, but when it grows, its color changes to brown.

Khazravi: The second common date of Khuzestan that its grown type is brown is called Khazravi. It is semi-dry date and grows fast.

Zahedi: Zahedi is kind of dry date and it grows fast. Saving and Transportation of Zahedi is so easy.

Kebkab: A kind of fresh date the taste of which is so sweet and it looks black when it is grown.

Barhi: A kind of date growing too slowly. When it is not ripe, it can also be eaten.

Gantar: Kind of small date harvested after different steps. This date is more exported.

Khasuiy: Sweet date that looks red when it grown completely.

Shekar: A semi-dry date that looks brown when it is ripe completely.

Halavi: Grows so fast and is known because of its soft skin. Saving this date is so easy because its resistant against mold and spoil.

Diri: Dry and grows slowly.

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