Ghavout; Powder of Strength

Ghavout; Powder of Strength


Ghavout; Powder of Strength

Ghavout, also known as Ghovvatoo or Ghobeit, is the souvenir of Kerman and other cities in the vicinity. This powder-like souvenir is sweet.

What Is Ghavout Made of?

Some people mix sugar, powder of coconut and pistachio in order to make Ghavout, but also there are some residents who use powder of chickpeas to produce Ghavout.

The most popular kind of this souvenir of Kerman is brown and it is mostly made of coffee, sugar, wheat, sesame, nigella sativa or caraway, cardamom and seeds of lettuce.

How to Make Ghavout?

It is said that we must first fry these herbal medicines and then mix and jab them.

Medical Properties of Ghavout

Due to the mixture of the seeds which are mentioned above, Ghavout is an antioxidant traditional medicine. It has different kinds of vitamins, mineral elements, fat acids and sterol. So because of these things, in recent years, lots of doctors have prescribed Ghavout as a kind medicine.

How Much Should We Eat Ghavout?

Lots of Kermani people try to consume three or four tablespoons of Ghavout in their everyday life. Also, it is possible to mix Ghavout with tea and milk and then drink them all together.

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