Tersheh Pela; A Food With Molasses

Tersheh Pela; A Food With Molasses


Tersheh Pela; A Food With Molasses

Tersheh Pela is a very delicious food that is cooked with molasses and served in the northern part of Iran (Mazandaran Province). You can buy the molasses used in this food from grocery stores and you can also make that.

Ingredients for Making rice molasses

 Brown sugar (1 kilogram)

 White sugar (250 gr)

 Pomegranate molasses (500 gr)

 Vinegar and verjuice (1/2 cup)

 Cherry syrup (a cup)

Rose water (1/2 cup)

 Powder of cumin (a tablespoon)

 Boiling water (3 cups)

 Powder of saffron (1/2 cup)

How to Make?

  1. Mix pomegranate with white and brown sugar in boiling water.
  2. Pour verjuice and vinegar on it.
  3. Add cherry syrup, rosewater, cumin and powder of saffron to them.
  4. When your molasses is prepared, decant it in glassy bottle and put it in a refrigerator.

Attention: 1. For preparing molasses, you should be riling constantly.

  1. When your molasses is prepared, it will look like a jam.

Ingredients for the Main Food

 Meat (1 lbn)

 Rice (3 cups)

 Salt and oil (in sufficient amount)

 Raisin for rice (1/2 cup)

 Butter (100 gr)

 A chopped onion

 Salt, water, oil and powder of pepper (in sufficient amount)

How to Prepare?

Put meat in a pot on stove with medium temperature and add powder of pepper, a chopped onion, salt and 2 cups of water to it and wait up to 2 hours to be cooked completely.

You should put the rice in water for 3 or 4 hours with salt. Throw away the salty water. Put the salty rice in the pot with boiling water. After that the rice is boiled pour it in the basket and wash with water.

When you are washing rice, before returning it to the pot, pour oil in a pot.

Mix rice with molasses, decant rice in a pot and pour oil on rice . put the pot on the stove with low temperature and put a cover filter on it. Wait for an hour. After 1 hour, roast raisins in a small pot with butter. Mix raisins with cooked rice and eat with meat you cooked before.

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