Solomon`s Throne in Tekab, Iran


Solomon`s Throne in Tekab, Iran

According to religious beliefs, Solomon Prophet`s throne was in the West part of Iran.

West Azerbaijan Province which is in the Western part of Iran is one of the mysterious places being home to Solomon`s Prison and his throne.


If you are keen on mysterious places and think that you are brave enough, continue reading this text and also mydorna suggests traveling to Solomon`s Throne in Tekab, Iran.

Although there is no clear evidence that this information is true, some people believe that Solomon Prophet made his throne in this area.

Distance from Capital city of West Azerbaijan

This throne is 42 kilometers far from Tekab city in West Azerbaijan Province.

Natural beauties close to Solomon`s Throne

In addition to the throne, there is also a lake in this place.

Apart from historical importance of the place, because of religious beliefs local people consider it as an important area.

Doing archaeological activities in this place, scientists hope to find more answers of the raised questions.

How to get there?

As we said, the throne is in West Azerbaijan Province which is close to East Azerbaijan Province having access to train. After going to Oromia, capital of West Azerbaijan Province, you can take a car and going to Tekab close to which, Takht-e Soleymān is easy to find.

Address: Iran, West Azerbaijan Province, Tekab City, Takht-e Soleymān.

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