Shishandaz Gilani; Stew of Gilan

Shishandaz Gilani; Stew of Gilan


Shishandaz Gilani; Stew of Gilan

Shishandaz is one of the stews of Gilan Province. Shishandaz is also one of the ethnic foods of Zanjan province, but the difference between these two foods is one of their ingredients. One of the ingredients of Shishandaz Gilani is eggplant while of Zanjan is egg.


Crushed walnut (300 grams)

Five eggplants

Pomegranate sauce (2 soupspoon)

onion slices (4 tablespoons)





Pepper powder


How to Cook?

Roast onion slices with oil in a pan until the color of them changes to gold. Add crushed walnut to them and roast them. Then add 3 cups of water, turmeric, pepper powder and cinnamon. Then put the cover of pot and wait until the crushed walnut cook.


  1. Don’t pour water on hot oil. It’s better to turn the stove off and wait until it becomes cold. Then add water and turn it on again.
  2. When you want to roast the ingredients, temperature of stove should be high and when you put the cover and wait for it to cook, that should be low.

In the next step, remove skin of eggplants and chop them. Pour a little salt on eggplants; put them on a bowl of full of water and wait until water color changes to black. Wash eggplants and roast them in a separate pan. Add eggplants with pomegranate molasses to the pan of walnut and stir them until they get mixed completely. Eat the stew with cooked rice.

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