Shevi Waterfall; The Tallest Waterfall in Middle East

Shevi Waterfall; The Tallest Waterfall in Middle East


Shevi Waterfall; The Tallest Waterfall in Middle East

Khuzestan is a province which has four seasons at the same time. To support this idea, when Arabs of this province in southern part of it have turned on the coolers and air conditioners, the Lurs in the northern part enjoy cool and even cold weather.

One of the cities of Khuzestan province which is almost located in the northern part is called Dezful. This city is home to the Lurs and Bakhtiaris.

Near to Dezful, there is a waterfall known as Shevi. This waterfall is the tallest one in the middle east and one of the most beautiful ones in Iran.

About Shevi Waterfall

This waterfall is 90 kilometers away from Dezful city and it is surrounded by trees and beautiful plants.

Information About Shevi Waterfall

The height of waterfall is about 90 meters and its width is 40 meters. The water pours in Dez river after crossing mountains and straits.

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The trees which can be found around this waterfall are fig, willow, oak and etc.

Close to this waterfall, there is another one which is known as Second Shevi Waterfall.

Attention: the best time to travel and visit Shevi Waterfall is in spring and summer because in these seasons the weather is unbelievably good.

How to Get There?

To reach this waterfall, there are 2 possible ways that myDorna will talk about them:

  • After taking off from train in Tele Zang or Andimeshk railway station, you can go to Shevi village and then reach Shevi Waterfall.
  • Start your travel from Shihoun region of Dezful city and after 91 kilometers, you`ll see Shevi Waterfall.

Address: Iran, Khuzestan province, Dezful city, Shevi village, Shevi Waterfall

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