Se Kase Jahan Jan Waterfall, Baft, Kerman, Iran


Se Kase Jahan Jan Waterfall, Baft, Kerman, Iran

Iran is full of natural beauties and Kerman Province is one of the sources to find eye-catching places.

Along with the road of Kerman and Baft, there is a waterfall named Se Kase Jahan Jan; therefore, if you traveled to this picturesque place, you can take a break and even swim into the water of Se Kase Jahan Jan Waterfall.

One of the most amazing facts about this waterfall is that, despite the fact that Kerman Province has dry weather, you can feel the cool breezes blowing in all the time you are there.

In Farsi language, bowl is translated into Kase, so the of choosing Se Kase for this waterfall is that, it seems there are three bowls full of water.

This natural waterfall leads to a permanent river and has about 10 meters’ height.

After crossing a long way, the water is poured in Baft dam.

How to get there?

Baft city has access to railway, so you can get to that city by train. Having reached the city, you need to take a taxi to go to Baft-Kerman road. 25 kilometers to Baft, Se Kase Jahan Jan waterfall can be found.

Address: Iran, Kerman, Baft to Kerman Road, Se Kase Jahan Jan Waterfall.

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