Saat Tower in Tabriz


Saat tower in Tabriz

Tabriz is one of the most beautiful cities in the western part of Iran that lots of tourists visit there every year.

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Iranians believe that Tabriz is an industrial city because great factories exist there and manufacture different types of products.

Apart from the fact that Tabriz is an industrial city, lots of historical places and buildings can be found in Tabriz. One of those is the Saat Tower which is the building of municipality.

This building was built between the years of 1939 and 1945 by Reza Shah Pahlavi. Before having the building built, the ground used to be an abandoned graveyard.

The German architects were the engineers in the charge of building the tower.

After 100 years, Iranian government converted the tower into a museum. Nowadays, in addition to its function of the municipality building, the Islamic council of Tabriz is held in it.

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Different parts of the tower are the amphitheater and offices.

Tabriz municipality building or better known as Saat tower is in the most central part of Tabriz.

The municipality building of Tabriz is consisted of four-sided clock, which is about 30.5 meters in height and the clock rings every 15 minutes.

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The shape of the tower is like a flying eagle which is so close to the shape of Germany architecture before the second world war.

If you are interested in the European architecture and Germany. Mydorna strongly suggests visiting the tower.

Note that because of the cold weather of Tabriz in winter, we recommend you to visit the city in hot seasons of the year like spring and summer.

کاخ شهرداری تبریز

How to get there?

Since the tower is located in the central part of Tabriz, taking a taxi or using transportation can be the ways to reach the Saat tower.

Address: Iran, Tabriz, city center, Saat tower.

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