Havij Stew; With Carrots

Havij Stew; With Carrots


Havij Stew; With Carrots

Havij Stew or Stew with carrots is an ethnic food of Tabriz city in Iran. This stew is cooked with chicken and lamb meat.


Lamb Meat (500 grams)

carrot (1 kilogram)

An onion

Tomato paste (2 table spoons)

Three Dried limes

Lemon juice or verjuice

Pepper powder



Saffron powder



How to Cook?

  1. wash the carrots and slice them. Roast them in a pan with oil until their color changes.
  2. Chop onion and meat like cubes and roast them in a separate pan with oil.
  3. Add turmeric, pepper powder and water to the pan of meat and wait until the meats get cooked.

Attention: Never add water when the pan is hot.

  1. When the meats cooked, add crushed dried limes.
  2. Add tomato paste, saffron powder and salt to the meats and then add roasted carrots to them.
  3. Put the cover of pan and wait for 10 minutes until the stew is cooked.
  4. Pour a little lemon juice or verjuice to the stew. This step is optional.

Attention: water in pan of meat should not completely evaporate and it must have a little water.

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