Qottab Sweet; Nutritious and Delicious

Qottab Sweet; Nutritious and Delicious


Qottab; Nutritious and Delicious

Qottab is a kind of Iranian sweet mostly found in Kerman and Yazd.

Qottab of Yazd

Yazdi version of Qottab Sweet has two internal and external layers. The external crust, a kind of fried bread, is made of wheat flour, milk or yogurt and yolk of an egg. Having cooked this layer, the cooks turn it in the powder sugar. If you like to make Qottab an almond-filled sweet, you should have a mixture of powder of almond and cardamom. To make another type of Qottab, the main sweetening material is honey instead of sugar powder.

Qottab of Kerman

Qottab of Kerman has two types. On the external layer, which is made of dough, the cooks decorate it with powder of sugar. Internal part is also filled with pistachio or walnut.

History of Qottab

Some people believe that Qottab is a cuisine that its antiquity dates back to Achaemenid era.

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