Mirza Qasemi; Delicious & Healthy


Mirza Qasemi or Mirza Ghassemi is a dish from the north of Iran, around the Caspian sea. History of this food dates back to Qajar era. First time, Mohammad Qasem Khan cooked this food, so the name of this food is derived from the name of Mohammad Qasem Khan.



Five eggplants

Two tomatoes

A garlic clove

Three eggs

Oil (2 tablespoons)

Salt, water and powder of pepper (in sufficient amount)

Way of cooking

At first, you should broil eggplants on a barbecue (use brochette). Then, remove their skin and tails. Next, tear them up by with knife. Then, it’s time for tomatoes.

Boil tomatoes in a water to become soft.

Then, remove their skin and tear them up with knife.

Pour oil in a frying pan with tablespoon, put it on stove, turn the stove on with medium temperature, and wait for 5 minutes.

Next step, mash garlic clove with a masher and put them in a frying pan and wait until garlic’s color changes.

Then, add eggplants and tomatoes, you torn them up before, to the pan, and rile them until the water of them boils Then, add salt and pepper to them, and pull them over in another side of the pan.

In empty side of the frying pan, throw eggs in it slowly and rile them until they become solid.

Final step, mix them.

Now your food is ready⏰

Put them in a dish and enjoy your meal?

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