Mellat Park; Home to The Highest Merry Go Round of Middle East

Mellat Park; Home to The Highest Merry Go Round of Middle East


Mellat Park; Home to The Third Largest Merry Go Round of Middle East

One of the most popular parts of Mashhad city is Mellat Park located in western part of The city across from Vakil Abad Expressway. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Mellat Park.


Mellat park is located across from Vakil Abad Expressway and Ferdowsi University. The park consists of different parts like green region, lake and etc. Most important part of this place is an amusement park in which there are modern amusement tools.

The amusement park is home to the highest merry go round in Middle East.

The garden was built during the reign of Reza Pahlavi. At first, two English engineers started construction of the park, but by as the time went by, Iranian engineers continued construction. Area of the garden is 72 hectares. In eastern part of it, there is a small lake with ducks. Sport fields are also located in western part of the park.

Rose garden is a roofed part for women. Central and eastern part of the park consist of an Amusement park which was established in the year of 1972. Merry go round of Mellat Park with height of 80 meters is the 18th in the world and 1st in the middle east. This merry go round was constructed in the year of 2005 and can transfer 450 people. You can also find different amusement and exciting equipment like roller coaster, swing rides, train and etc. in Mellat Park.

How to Get There?

You can have access to Mellat Park by any vehicle like bus, taxi, metro and car. For getting there, follow the way of Vakil Abad Expressway by signs. When you reached Ferdowsi University, you will find the Garden across from it.

Address: Iran, Razavi Khorasan Province, Mashhad City, Vakilabad Expressway, Mellat Garden

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