Mashab; Ethnic Potage of Qom

Mashab; Ethnic Potage of Qom


Mashab; Ethnic Potage of Qom

Mashab is an ethnic food of Qom province. Mashab is a kind of potage. If you like potage, Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with it.


Mung bean (nearly 2 cups)

Rice (1/2 cup)

Wheat (1/2 cup)

Cowpea (1/2 cup)

A chopped potato like cubes

A chopped Squash

A cup of lentils

Cooked sheep meat (200 grams)

Three fried onions



Pepper powder



Meat water


How to Cook?

Fill a pot with water. Wash cowpeas, lentils, rice, wheats and mung beans. Then add them to the pot with turmeric and half of the fried onion. Put a pot on stove, turn it on with medium temperature. Add chopped squash and 30 minutes later, add meat water, potato slices, salt and pepper powder to them.

Guidance: sign of cooked potage is that skin of mungs float on the surface of water. When you wanted to eat the potage, add cooked meat and decorate it with fried onions, curd and mint.

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