Lakh Lakh; Popular Rice Dish from Persian Gulf


Lakh Lakh is an ethnic food of southern part of Iran, Bushehr province. This food is so healthy and delicious. The meal is made in two ways, one with dried lemons and the other with Tamarind.
5 cloves of garlic (comminuted)
2 medium-sized onions (grated)
One of them for making the fish tasty and the other for mixing with food.
A seer fish (200 gr, 3 slices)
100 gr of cowpea (optional)
Tamarind in a full cup of water
A tablespoon of tomato paste
A tablespoon of fenugreek (comminuted)
Comminuted coriander (150 gr)
Rice (4 cups)
Dried lime’s powder, turmeric, water, fish spices, salt, oil, lemon juice, saffron powder, and powder of red pepper (in sufficient amount)
How To Cook?
Before start cooking, wash rice and put it in salty water for 3 or 4 hours and make a mixture of lemon juice, powder of red pepper, salt, a grated onion and turmeric in a big water bowl, apart from dish of rice.
In a large pot, roast grated onion with oil until its color changes to orange. Then, add comminute garlics and roast them with riling. Add spices to them, next step, add comminute vegetables and roast them. In final step, add tomato paste, tamarind, cowpea, salt and powder of red pepper and rile until they get mixed completely. Put your slices of fish on a mixture in your pot and add 2 cups of water to it. Put the cover of the pot for 20 minutes until slices of fish start boiling. Then take them out from the pot. wait until the water of the pot gets evaporated and seems as if it is dried. Then add fishes to the mixture and put the cover of the pot with a filter until your meal becomes ready in 45 minutes.

Note: The name of the dish is derived from the Arabic word “Lakhlakheh” which means fragrance. The food is originally Persian and one of the most popular foods in Bushehr province.

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