Kotlet (Iranian Cutlet)


Kotlet is a delicious Iranian version of ground meat patty. This is a kind of dish which can be served warm or cold, plain or with bread, at home or at a picnic.


Mincemeat (300 grams)

Four medium potatoes

Two eggs

A medium onion

Toasted flour, salt, powder of pepper, turmeric and oil (in sufficient amount)

How to Cook?

Grate an onion and throw away it’s water.

After that, grate potatoes and mix them with onion. Next step, add eggs, mince meat, powder of pepper, turmeric and salt to them. Knead materials with clean and washed hands until they are mixed completely. Now put some of the materials and shape them like a picture.

Repeat this works again and again and prepare different cutlets like a cluster. Next, smear all parts of them with flour in sufficient amount.

Now it’s time for cocking⌚

Pour oil in a pan and put the pan on stove with medium temperature. Put cutlets in a pan slowly when the pan became hot.

When one side of the cutlets is cooked, turn over them and when they are cooked, put them in a dish.

Attention: if you like, you can add tomatoes after cooking cutlets.

Split tomatoes and after cooking cutlets, put them in a pan very quickly and put the cover of it; because the oil will splash around the stove.

Enjoy your meal?

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