Khorshid Palace of Kalat; Memento of King Nader

Khorshid Palace of Kalat; Memento of King Nader


Khorshid Palace of Kalat; Memento of King Nader

One of the mementoes of King Nader or Nader Shah, who was a powerful Iranian ruler is Khorshid or Sun palace. This palace was negotiated with a big garden. Architecture of this palace is a mixture of Indians` and Iranians`. King Nader used a lot of materials that he had taken from India and he also brought some architects from India for designing the plan for building this place.

When king Nader got into power, Iran was ruled by outlaws, but King Nader made a union between people and soldiers in Iran and exiled outlaws from the country. Khorshid or Sun Palace is the most important memento of King Nader. This palace was built in the year of 1781. There are some shapes of fruits on the walls of this palace. These shapes show the art of Indian architects.
This palace consists of 3 floors. First floor or basement is a very dreadful part and was used for prisoning criminals. Second floor has a big hall and some rooms around it and is decorated with golds. There is also an inscription about the date of Nader’s death and some people believe that Nader built here for his monument. Third floor is like a cylinder and consists of 66 small columns. Height of this palace was 25 meters but because of destructions in 3rd floor, height of that is 20 meters now. The basement of the palace is octagonal that is connected to 4th stair rows. About the garden, there is no various plants and just plain trees have been planted.

How to get there?

For reaching this place, you should pass 150 kilometers of Kalat road. When you got to two ways, one of them is Kalat to Dargaz and another one is Kalat Nader Road. Follow Kalat Nader road to get to palace.

Address: Iran, Razavi Khorasan province, Mas hhad, Kalat Nader, Khorshid Palace

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