Kabab Digi; Cooked in Pan

Kabab Digi; Cooked in Pan


Kabab Digi; Cooked in Pan

You may know that Kebab is one of the most delicious foods of Iran which is grilled, there is another type of that cooked in a pan. Main ingredients of that are onion and minced meat. This food is eaten with cooked rice and bread. Stay with myDorna to know more about Kabab Digi.


Minced meat (400 grams)

Two onions

Four tomatoes

Tomato paste (2 tablespoon)


Pepper powder


Liquid oil


How to Cook?

Put minced meat in a bowl. In separate bowl, grate onions and add them to the meats. Knead grated onions with meat in a pan. Pour oil in a pan on stove with medium temperature. let the water of that evaporate. After that, pour a little oil on meat and when you feel it is cooked, cut it in equal slices like pizza. Cool down the stove. It’s time to prepare sauce of ingredients. For preparing sauce, pour 1/2 cup of water in another pan and mix it with tomato paste. Add turmeric, pepper powder and salt to the pan with medium temperature and let a little of water evaporate. When sauce got prepared, turn over the kebabs and decant the sauce on them. Cut tomatoes and add them to the pan to cook them with kebabs. When it becomes ready, you can eat it with cooked rice and bread.

Attention: Oil may splash when you are adding sauce. be careful.

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