Garab Spring; As A Medicine for Skin

Garab Spring; As A Medicine for Skin


Garab Spring; As A Medicine for Skin

Garab Spring consists of smaller springs with different colors and tastes. A valuable treasure that could be used as a medicine for different skin diseases. Be with myDorna to know more about Garab spring.


Garab Spring is located near the old road from Mashhad to Nishapur at the southern part of the road. Name of this spring is derived from the name of a village near here. Garab is a Persian word gotten from sulfur. The people call this spring Garab since its main element is sulfur.

Different Springs With Different Features

Garab is a big river which consists of smaller branches in different parts. These rivers are 500 meters far from each other and they have conic shapes. They have different colors and tastes and that is because of different mineral things in the water. The biggest spring is the conic one which has green water and is located on a hill with height of 30 meters.

From many years, local people of Garab have been using water of the Springs for curing different diseases like stomachache, skin diseases, pain in bones and etc.

A Summit Like Volcano

You will see a summit with height of 70 meters near here which is like volcanic holes. Never miss diving in it.

Address: Iran, Razavi Khorasan Province, Old road of Mashhad to Nishapur, Garab Springs

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