Chogha Hill in Khuzestan, Iran


Chogha Hill in Khuzestan, Iran

Khuzestan is a south western province in Iran of which Ahwaz is the capital.

The weather is so hot and dry in summer and late spring but in autumn and winter everybody enjoys the cool weather.

One of the towns near Ahwaz is Gotvand that most of the inhabitants of this city are Lor (a group of Iranian living mostly in western part of Iran).

In the entrance of the city and next to Karoon river, a hill is located called Chogha. The hill has seven temples that one of them was for queen, Ontash Gol`s wife, the king of ancient Ilam, and the rest were for the maids.

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According to historical studies, Ontash Gol built about 20 temples in all over ancient Ilam that Chogah hill is one of them.

Chogha hill was firstly discovered by some French archeologists in 1950s.

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The hill is considered as one of the most archeological sites, since Dr. Ahmad Eqtedari discovered two inscriptions in northern and eastern parts of the hill. The dimensions of the inscriptions are 27*27 centimeters.

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Lots of local people believe that under the hill, a great number of historical things are stored because they have seen that a very valuable sculpture was extracted by some people.

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In recent years, different archeological groups from different parts of Iran have visited the site to excavate and have gained lots of historical bricks, pottery sculptures and other stuff.

How to get there?

If you are interested in archeological sites and history, Chogha hill is one of the greatest destinations that can be your choice as mydorna really suggests visiting the place. As Chogha hill is located in the entrance of Gotvand city, you need to just take a taxi or use a bus to get there.

  Address: Iran, Ahwaz, entrance of Gotvand city, Chogha hill

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