Baghla Ghatagh; Stew of Gilan

Baghla Ghatagh; Stew of Gilan


Baghla Ghatagh; Stew of Gilan

Baghla Ghatagh is a nutritious food of northern part of Iran. This is also known as Flower in Grass and Baghali stew. Main ingredient of this stew is a kind of bean which is found in Rasht and is known as Pach Baghla. If you can’t find Pach Baghla, you can use green bean for this food.


Washed Pach Baghla (2 cups)

Dry dill (1 or 2 tablespoon(s))

Two eggs

Grated garlic (2 dessertspoons)

Butter (20 grams)

Turmeric (a teaspoon)

Water (1/2 cup)


Pepper powder

Liquid oil

How to Cook?

First, pour liquid oil in a pan and roast grated garlic(s) with it on stove with medium temperature.

Attention: do not roast garlic(s) completely. Color of garlic(s) should not completely change to orange. In the next step, other ingredients should roast with garlic(s) and if you roast garlic(s) completely, they will burn.

Add Pach Baghlies or green beans to the pan and roast them with garlic(s) for 3 minutes. Now add turmeric and roast the ingredients again for 3 minutes. Add dill in the next step and roast them for 3 minutes. Add water to the pan and then add butter. Put the cover of the pan and wait until most of the water boils.

Attention: Don’t add water when the pan is hot.

When most of the water evaporated, add salt and pepper powder to the pan. Crack eggs into the pan. Wait some minutes until eggs become sticky. Now your food is ready.

Attention: Don’s stir eggs.

Guidance: This stew is prepared fast and is easy to cook.

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