Alu Esfenaj Stew; Stew with Spinach

Alu Esfenaj Stew; Stew with Spinach


Alu Esfenaj Stew; Stew with Spinach

Alu Esfenaj is a delicious classic food of Iran. Main ingredients of this stew are meat Spinach, and prune.


Chopped Spinach (2 kilograms)

Sheep meat (1Ibn)

Prune (200 grams)

A medium onion



Powder of pepper


How to Cook?

Put prunes in water for 30 minutes before cooking.

Chop onion like cube and roast it with oil in a medium pot. When the color of onion changed, cut meats like cubes and add slices to the pot. roast them until color of meat changes. Then, add powder of Pepper and turmeric to the pot and stir ingredients. Pour water on meat to have it parboiled.

Attention: never pour water when the pot is hot. Also, you should pour enough water.

Decant chopped spinaches in a pan and pour 3 tablespoons of oil on them. Roast them with oil.

Attention: Do not roast spinaches completely because this work makes them bitter.

Add spinaches to the pot and put the cover of it.

After 30 minutes, add prunes and salt to the stew and turn the temperature of stove down. wait for stew for 30 minutes. When your stew got ready, eat it with cooked rice.

Guidance: Temperature of stove in all steps is medium and in last 30 minutes it should be low.

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