Abdandun; Kind of Sweet

Abdandun; Kind of Sweet


Abdandun; Kind of Sweet

Abdandun is an ethnic sweet of Amol city. This sweet is mostly eaten in weeding or festivals like Nowruz. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Abdandun.


Rice flour (1 kilogram)

Wheat flour (200 grams)

Three eggs


Powdered sugar (400 grams)

Liquid oil (a bottle)

How to bake?

First, stir the oil in a bowl with electric mixer until you see bubbles on the surface of it. Add powdered sugar to it and stir to have them mixed. Add eggs to it and stir. Add cardamoms and then wheat and rice flour to the bowl slowly and stir them. When you feel kind of dough is created, knead it with your hands and put it in refrigerator for an hour. After an hour, turn on the oven with temperature of 140°c. Make dough balls with your hands in size of walnut and put them on tray of oven. You can add vanilla, saffron, walnut powder or different powders with different tastes. You can make small holes in the dough balls by fork. Put them in oven with low flame for 15 minutes. Check them every 5 minute because sometimes they may burn.

Important point: every 5 minute, change the position of cookies on the tray because this keeps them soft. If you don’t, they may become as hard as rock.

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