Ghablameh; Ethnic Food of Torkaman Sahra

Ghablameh; Ethnic Food of Torkaman Sahra


Ghablameh; Ethnic Food of Torkaman Sahra

Ghablameh is an ethnic food of Torkaman Sahra, a region in Golestan province. Main ingredient of this food is fish.



Liquid oil

Powder of pepper

Turmeric(a dessert spoon)

Tomato paste(a dessert spoon)

A cup of raisins

Four potatoes

An onion

Fish fillet(500 grams)


How to Cook?

Wash the fish before start cooking. Chop an onion like a cube and roast it in a pot of oil with medium temperature on stove until the color of it changing. Chop the fish and add slices of it to the pan. Roast two sides of fish slices for 4 minutes. Add turmeric, tomato paste, salt, raisins, and powder of pepper. Stir them and add water and increase temperature for boiling ingredients.

Attention: Don’t add water when the pot is hot. It’s better turn off the stove and wait for pot become cold. Then turn it on and increase the temperature.

When the ingredients boiled, decrease the temperature and wait fo 15 minutes.

Remove skin of potatoes and add them to the pot. Stir potatoes as if you are looking for something. Put the cover of pot and wait for cooking the food for 25 minutes.

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