Kame Jush; Ethnic Food of Sabzevar

Kame Jush; Ethnic Food of Sabzevar


Kame Jush; Ethnic Food of Sabzevar

Kame Jush is an ethnic food of Sabzevar city and it is popular in in all Khorasan provinces. This food is so easy to cock and there is no need to explain a lot about it. Time for cooking this food is just 30 minutes.


Strained yogurt (500 gr)

A big onion

Mint (a little)

Animal oil (2 tablespoons)

Crushed walnut, cold water, turmeric and salt (in sufficient amount)

Two Chopped tomatoes


  1. You can cook this food with other oils for example liquid oil.
  2. This food would be more delicious with Sabzi Khordan.

How to Cook?

  1. Mix yogurt with water
  2. Pour oil in a pot on stove with medium temperature. When it becomes hot, roast an onion with it and then add turmeric and mint
  3. When all of the materials in the pot roasted, add chopped tomatoes and roast them while riling them altogether. When they were roasted, add crushed walnut and finally, add yogurt you mixed with water before.

 Attention: when you want to add yogurt, pay attention that all of the materials should be cold.

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