Ash Somagh; A Broth with Sumac


Ash Somagh is an ethnic food of Isfahan city. This food is also cooked in Hamadan, but there is difference between them and we will describe about Hamadani broth in next posts. Stay with myDorna.


Broken rice (200 gr)

Sumac (500 gr)

Mincemeat (1/2 lbn or 250 gr)

Vegetables (leek, parsley, mint, coriander and tarragon)

A big fried onion

Liquid oil, water, turmeric, powder of pepper and salt (in sufficient amount)

How to Cook?

Put sumac in water an hour before cooking.

Boil rice in a little amount of water.

Wash vegetables then chop them. When your rice is boiled, add vegetables to it.

Mix mincemeat with turmeric, salt and powder of pepper completely. Give a ball shape to meats and roast them in a pot with liquid oil. Mix them with pot of rice and let them cook.

Now we reach to the main step. Here, you should sift sumac with Net-like fabric. Add them to the pot of rice and then add half of the fried onion and wait until the broth is cooked. When it is done, decorate it with remaining fried onion and mint.

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