Wood Carving; A Sixth-Century Iranian Art

Wood Carving; A Sixth-Century Iranian Art

Wood Carving; A Sixth-Century Iranian Art

Wood Carving is one of the arts in which the artist makes figures of what he/she likes.

History of Wood Carving

It is said that Iran is the prominent country in this art. The city that people believe Wood Carving is its main art is called Malayer, located in western part of Iran. In the year of 2016, exporting wooden carved things started from Malayer.

We can consider Seljuk era as the golden time of Wood Carving since some dishes related to that time have been found.

About Wood Carving

Wood Carving is the art of putting small pieces of woods next to each other, but the problem which arises here is that we should stick them on a surface.

Usage of Wood Carving

Decoration is the main function of Wood Carving. You can see this historical art on the door of ancient houses, windows, tables and some dishes.

Wood Carving in Modern Times

We can`t say that this Iranian art is limited to the past and people of modern time don`t use it in their everyday life. If you look at the lobbies of the houses of some Iranian people, you can definitely see Wood Carving in its newly-invented way.

In the video above, you can see how Iranian artists carve woods.

What do you think of this art? Have you seen Wood Carving in your city or during your trip to Iran? Let us know about your opinion by commenting below.

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