Sohan; Halva from Qom City

Sohan; Halva from Qom City


Sohan; Halva from Qom City

Every city of Iran is familiar for its special souvenir and Qom is also well-known for Sohan. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Sohan.

Shohan is a brownish sweet and a kind of halva which is made of wheat flour. This delicious souvenir has different types, such as; Sohan with honey, Sohan with sesame, dessert of Sohan and etc.

Isfahan and Zarand city of Kerman province are other places in which Sohan is cooked, but Qom is the most popular city from which people buy the sweet since Sohan was originated from here.

History of Sohan

It is said that in Qajar era and in the years of 1289 and 1290 A.H., when people of Qom wanted to establish courtyard of Fātimah al-Ma‘sūmah, made Sohan for the first time.

According to the traditions of that time, for the ceremony of establishing a new courtyard, people brought gifts and presents for the deputy of king. One of the people named as Mullah Ibrahim Shomaee, gave a kind of sweet. When deputy ate that sweet, he liked it and called it Sohan, as it makes the food digest easily.

Note: Sohan in Persian is a kind of tool which cuts or shaves metals.

Nutritional Value of Sohan

Due to the existence of wheat flour, egg, animal oil, sugar, pistachio, saffron and other ingredients, Sohan is so nutritive and delicious. We can also say that the wheat flour, is the reason of Sohan being brown.

If you want to know how to cook Sohan, you can watch the video below.

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