Shokatie School; The Third New School of Iran

Shokatie School; The Third New School of Iran


Shokatie School; The Third New School of Iran

Shokatie School is one of the historical and educational monuments in Birjand, South Khorasan Province, which can be called the third school of Iran after adopting a new method of teaching and education.

The building was originally built by Shaukatolmolk, and then it was built by Mohammad Ibrahim Khan Alam (Shaukat al-Mulk II), the father of Asadullah Alam. In 1312, the construction ended.

History of Shokatie School

During the 4 years of construction of this building, from 1308 to 1312, this building was known as Hosseinyya Shaktiya, but in 1326 A.H., it became a school.

we can claim that after adopting a new method of teaching in schools and after Dar Al Fonoun and Rushdiyah of Tabriz, Shaktiya is the third new educational monument of in Iran.

After the Constitutional Revolution, and due to the fact that Shaukatolmolk did not have a son, he gave one-third of his assets to his brother, Mohammad Ibrahim Khan. After traveling to Tehran and being elected as the mayor, he turned the space into school. Moreover, when Amir Kabir established a new-style school known as Dar al-Fonun, Mohammad Ibrahim Khan also opened Shokatie School.

The founders of the school considered donations for the poor to educate in order to encourage other people. In addition, Ayatollah Sheikh Hadi Hadavi also sent his son to study at the school, which encouraged the people of Birjand to study.

Shokatie was originally an elementary school, but later, high school was added to it. Then, local clerics sent their daughters to Shokatie to encourage the people, which led them to rename the girls section to Shokatie and the boys’ section to Shokati.

Architecture of Shokatie School

It is built in the style of Iranian desert architecture and is suitable for four seasons. In the middle of the courtyard, there is a pond and the floor of the yard is made of bricks. There is only one porch in this school, in which there is a vestibule, atrium, cellar and bathroom.

How to go there?

This school is located in Montazeri Street in Birjand and is located in the historical part of the city. So the best way to go to it is by taxi.

Address: IranSouth Khorasan, Birjand, Shokatie School

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