Nay Band Village; A Heaven in Desert


If you are familiar with Masooleh village, then you will understand how beautiful a village in a stair-shaped can be.

Nay Band is from those villages that has two special characteristics to exclusive to for its own. The first one is its stair-shaped and the second one is its location.

Stay tuned with myDorna to make you familiar with this absorbing village.

Tourism in Nay Band

Annually, thousands of passengers and travelers visit Nay Band and enjoy its fresh air.

The first question which arises when everybody sees Nay Band, is that “is it desert?”!

Nay Band has historical parts and buildings, a mountain with 3009 heights, trees of palm, and fruits such as orange, tangerine and etc…

Population and People of Nay Band

Nay Band is home to About 145 families and its population is about 500 people.


The architecture of Nay Band is like Masoole village and people call it “Masoole of Desert” because the houses are stair-shaped in a way that the upper house`s yard is the roof of the house below.

Roofs of the houses in Nay Band are made of wood and special type of soil; consequently, in summer people feel cool in the houses.

Additionally, if earthquake happens, less destruction would take place.

Where Is Nay Band?

Nay Band is in 225 kilometers of south of Tabas and in the road to Kerman.

myDorna suggests you to visit this beautiful village in order to make good memory about this strange but beautiful place.

Attention: there is neither hotel nor motel, so if you are going to stay in Nay Band, you have to rent a room or house in the nearby cities.

How to get there?

You have to go to Tabas-Kerman road and after passing Kerit, Deihook and Zenooghan, you are 105 kilometers away from Nay Band. So by taking a taxi or a car, you will reach the village.

Address: Iran, South Khorasan Province, South of Tabas, Deihoouk Region, Nay Band Village.

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