Kal-e Jeni Canyon; Spectacular and Mysterious

Kal-e Jeni Canyon; Spectacular and Mysterious


Kal-e Jeni Canyon; Spectacular and Mysterious

An old and spectacular canyon with different erosions. You can define a Kal-e Jeni with this short sentence. Be with myDorna to have a look at Kal-e Jeni canyon.


Kal-e Jeni is a canyon located in South Khorasan province, at north of Tabas city near Azmighan village. Kal is a Persian word defined as a canyon created by floodwater. A canyon with water spring through a desert. Creation of the valley dates back to Sassanid era.


Kal-e Jeni consists of two words. Kal and Jeni. We explained about the word of Kal, but about Jen, it means jinn. People believe that jinn lives in this canyon. Shape of the walls indicate that the time of creation is more than 1000 years. In some parts, shape of the canyon is like U and some others`, is like V. When you look above, you will see a sky between 2 walls but in some parts, you can’t see it.

Kal-e Jeni has different waterfalls, rivers and ponds. Depth of the ponds is 1/5 meters and ponds are good parts for walking.

Swimming in cold water through a desert. There is a tunnel near the canyon leading water to a well. After a tunnel, the canyon doesn’t have any river. You can see wells and holes on the walls which are result of diggings by humans.

Shape of the Canyon

The canyon consists of two ways. Main way starting from palm trees and reaching Azmighan village. We can say it is like a Grand Canyon of America. We have uploaded two photos to compare them. First one is Grand Canyon and the second one is Kal-e Jeni.


Existence of tunnels and holes in the walls carved by Zoroastrians for living, palm trees, ponds, rivers and small waterfalls are just small parts of this spectacular canyon.

Attention: Do not travel to Kal-e Jeni without a leader because in this place it is super easy for you to get lost.

How to Get There?

Travel to Tabas city and follow the way of Tabas to Boshruyeh. After passing a tarmac road, you will see a straight dirt way leading to Fosha village. You can ask villagers to find canyon.

Address: Iran, South Khorasan Province, Tabas City, Kal-e Jeni Canyon

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