Saffron Farms Known as Ghayenat


Saffron Farms Known as Ghayenat

In the eastern part of Iran, there is a city named Ghayen in north Khorasan Province.

Ghayen is well known for its special product which is saffron; therefore, most of people believe that this city is the capital of this beautiful and valuable farm product in the world.

Generally speaking, saffron farms can provide us with their product for maximum 10 years.

In Iran, the third and the fourth year of saffron farms, are the best time for harvesting this plant.

It is considered wrongly that we can get the most out of the farms in the first year of planning.

After the fifth year, the products we can receive from the farms, are decreased gradually.

How saffron is packed?

After harvesting saffron, the farmers or other people pack the products in small cans made of plastic.

There are advantages for packing saffron, such as:

Keeping the high quality of product

Good view of the product

Easy for buying and selling

The chance to export

Having the chance to advertise better

How to get there?

If you really like to visit saffron farms, you have to go to Birjand (capital of South Khorasan Province) and after that, you can find the farms in the road to Ghayen.

Address: Iran, Birjand (capital of South Khorasan Province), Ghayen to Birjand road, Saffron farms known as Ghayenat.

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