Besh Qar Dash park in Bojnord, Iran


Besh Qar Dash park in Bojnord, Iran

Cool weather of north of Iran is so famous that one of the necessary things that every foreigner visiting Iran must do is to go there and stay at least one or two days and nights.

Northern Khorasan is a province with the capital of Bojnord city that is host of lots of Iranian and passengers every year.

One of the places that mydorna is going to introduce is Besh Qar Dash park located in southern part of Bojnord in Maarefat boulevard.

The natural tourist attractions are existed in the park, including fountains and old trees. Additionally, passengers can rent the places close to Besh Qar Dash.

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According to studies, the park is a historical place that has a building in the middle of itself. The experts believe that archeological pattern of the building is not seen in any other parts of Iran and it is exclusively in Bojnord. They also say that Bojnordi architects build the temple. The historical studies have demonstrated that before Islam, the place was used as Zoroastrian`s temple.

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In addition to all of the things existing in the park, there is also a spring named Charmghan.

Local people believe that the name of the park is related to a story. They say that in the very late centuries, a cruel king was running the region so five brothers fled from their home and soldiers sued them to this place but couldn`t find them. It is said that the brothers have asked god to protect them; therefore, god opened five holes in the mountain and they entered and after that from those holes, water springs were made.

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The other things that we can consider them are an entrance of the city dated back to 1921, an inscription on the mountain containing Zoroastrian`s famous sentence, historical building built by Qajar dynasty, swimming pool, etc.

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The doctors believe that water of the springs in the park has medical usages and features and it can cure livery problems and digestion disorders.

How to get there?

You need to go to Bojnord and then take a taxi and after 10 minutes you will be in Besh Qar Dash park.


Address: Iran, Bojnord, Bojnord to Isfarayen road, 6 kilometers to Bojnord, Besh Qar Dash park.

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