Jasahk Salt Dome, Bushehr, Iran


Jasahk Salt Dome, Bushehr, Iran

Jashk Salt Dome or Dashti Salt Dome is a salt hill in the Zagros mountains, in southwestern Iran.This salt dome is placed between Dashti and Dayyer country in Bushehr province in Iran.

This dome is the most beautiful dome in Iran.The special features of this dome are salts, special caves, crystals, and, etc.

Geographical Situation and Features

This dome is placed near the Gankhak-e Raisi in Kaki and Dashti in the heart of Jashk. (Northern part of Jashk mountain). The dome is the highest part of Jashk mountain with 1350 meters height, 12 kilometers length and 4 kilometers width. Rivers near this dome are salty and there is no land suitable for farming.

Salt dome with beautiful landscape, natural caves, special stones, waterfalls, and salty pendant not only attracts tourists, but also is one of the best places for geologists.

White color of salts has given beautiful face to this dome when you look from the distance, it seems like a mountain with snows. You can see salt waterfalls in the middle of spring, summer, and beginning of autumn. Also, the caves have been created because of tightening of salts.

There are a lot of various conies with different colors (brown, yellow, white ,red, black, and orange.)

How to Get There?

Travel to Bushehr (Capital city of Bushehr province, Iran), take a taxi to Ghankhak-e Kowra, you can reach to the dome after passing 3 kilometers and an old mine near Kordelan Village.

 Address:Iran, Bushehr,Southern part of Zagros mountains.

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