Hajij Village, Paveh, Iran


After passing through the mountains Dirt road, in Paveh city (a city of Kermanshah province of Iran),You will reach to this village with hospitable people and clear air also known as Hawraman dating back to 1200 years ago, when a sacred man (son of Imam Musa Kazim) traveled to this area, named this village to Hajji (meaning deep lush valley).

Structure of the houses

Houses in this village has been built like stairs, with blue windows facing Qibla. materials of these houses consist of stone, wood, and clay. roof of lower houses has organized yard of uppers.

Religious parts of village

Shrine of Seyed Obaidullah son of Imam Musa Kazim is located in this village.

Jame`e mosque

Convents of Qadriya: in these convents, people spend for etiquette and praying base on their special rites.

Nature of village

Near the village, there is a pool that people used its water before plumbing in 1354.

Near the road, you will see the cave with a diameter of 6 meters. during the all seasons, through this cave, high pressure water flows from the earth and joins to Sirvan river. The water of this river is one of the tastiest waters and it also has health benefits. Daryan dam built on the middle of this river, has given a special perspective to the region.

Due to the proper position, weather in summer and spring is mild, but in fall and winter its cold.

People of the village

About 736 people live in this village. Hajij residents are Sunni and Shafi people and speak Kurdish.

This type of speech is one of the most authentic dialects which is nearly similar to Avestah and Pahlavi.

The first thing that comes to your eyes is their colorful and traditional clothes, which reflect the culture of Hajiji’s people.

Men are wearing hats, trouser and a short robe.

Women wearing skirts, fillet, blouse and some kind of trousers.

The village’s people jobs are gardening, animal husbandry, and handicrafting.

The village souvenirs include medicinal plants, dairy products, handicrafts, and woolen clothes.

There is no hotel or motel in this village. If you want to stay for some days, you can hire a house or camp in nature of the village.

How to get there?

Traveling to Paveh (Kermanshah, Iran), you need to pass 25 kilometers mountain road from Paveh to Hajij. Follow the signs that lead the way. From Nudshe road to Hajji, you should pass 9 kilometers, zigzag road with tunnels.

There is also another way. you can travel to Marivan (Kurdistan, Iran). Then Oraman Takht road, after passing 50 kilometers, you will reach the village.

Attention: travel with maximum fuel; because, there is no gas station in these roads.

Address: Iran, Kurdistan Province, Paveh, Hajij Village.

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